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Our Chiropractic Services

Seventeen years ago when Dr. Randy Laurich started The Wellness Experience, his vision was to create a facility which would maintain the original Chiropractic principles while adding the technology to help improve people’s quality of life.

A chiropractor is trained to locate, analyze, and correct vertebral subluxation. This means they find where nerve interference is along the spinal column, they enter a gentle force to change the structure of the spine allowing the brain to better communicate with the rest if the body. Chiropractors assist the body in healing itself.

While combining the traditional intentions of chiropractic with today’s technology, Dr. Randy continues to help patients everyday reduce pain, improve function and increase a person’s overall quality of life.

Pro Adjuster

Dr. Randy - Pro AdjusterFirst Step
Dr. Randy will engage in a one-on-one conversation with you to determine your medical history and evaluate the causes of your back pain. The adjustment and treatment procedures are then customized to fit the patient’s needs.

Next Step
The Pro-Adjuster’s sophisticated computer analysis will be used to pinpoint the problem areas. The information is then charted graphically on a computer monitor, so Dr. Randy can detect the problem areas on each and every visit.

By applying the Pro-Adjuster’s Resonant Force Impulses precisely to the affected areas, you will receive gentle and effective treatment to that specific problem area reducing the subluxation. This will relieve the pressure on the nerve, allow the nerve to heal and restore the nerve’s ability to transmit signals to the brain more freely. Most importantly, it will help relieve the pain! Another reading may be taken after the adjustment with the Pro-Adjuster to compare the results which makes this tool convenient and effective.

Pro Adjuster ToolWe use an device called an adjusting head which uses six pounds of pressure (just like a tap on the back) to analyze your spine.

Pro Adjuster Computer ReadingThe waveform that is produced is similar to a fingerprint of the material being tested. It outputs the results as a wave on a computer screen. The yellow boxes show places where the spine needs to be adjusted. Dr. Randy then uses the adjusting head to adjust the spine using taps from the adjusting head. Those ‘taps’ adjust your spine with no popping, cracking, or twisting. It’s that easy, with pin-point accuracy every time.

No matter what the issue is that you are dealing with The Wellness Experience has the knowledge, traditional skills and hi-tech equipment to help relieve pain, improve your quality of life and increase your performance!!

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