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Overcoming Obstacles

Everyone deals with problems, both big ones and little ones. They occur in all areas of our lives from relationships, health, finances, intolerable work environments, pandemics, all the way down to your baby projectile vomiting on the bride at her wedding.

Problems typically create negative emotions (energy) within ourselves such as anger, fear, helplessness, anxiety, irritability, etc.

Unless it is a life or death issue, Dr. Randy Laurich suggests you consider pausing for a few seconds after a problem arises.  Take a deep breath and let any negative emotions (energy) just pass through you while looking at the issue in a neutral mindset with no feelings. Consciously change your perspective on what has just presented itself to you and rename it an obstacle.

Change your perspective even further and accept that this obstacle is here to help you grow so now allow your mind to become solution based. Once you’ve tried different solutions and found one that works you will look back at the obstacle and feel good that you managed it, you conquered it and you grew stronger from it.

Some options to help with the solutions process includes:

Sleep. A good night’s sleep calms the body down, helps to relieve stress, allows the brain to get creative by offering ideas to solve problems or even develop new concepts to solve an issue. In addition, sleep allows the body to recover from illnesses. 

Meditation. This practice helps you to become more peaceful, mindful, focused, less worried about discomfort, more appreciative and attentive to everything good in your life. It’s based on gratitude. It helps you to understand and control the thoughts in your own mind garden by nurturing those flower thoughts that service you and yanking out the weed thoughts that don’t. It’s  a place to just be and allow higher energies to center you and guide you.

Yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice that involves physical poses, concentration, meditation and deep breathing.  A regular yoga practice can promote endurance, strength, calmness, flexibility, balance and well-being. Yoga helps you to release problems and focus on self and universal energies to find peace with everything including your obstacles.

People To Talk With. It’s good to have people who you can trust and who love you unconditionally to share your obstacle with. There you can bounce ideas off them, get input and possibly new ideas from them to find a good solution.

Reading. Read up on others who have dealt with the same obstacle. Learn from their experiences. Then move forward with a solution you feel will work for you.

Professional Help.  When dealing with serious emotional, mental health, addiction, etc. issues that are affecting how you function each day, it’s time to seek a professional counselor, therapist or mental health specialist.

When it comes to the body sending signals to you that something is wrong, often people will create all sorts of dramatic images in their minds as to what is physically wrong with them and procrastinate in seeking help. If the obstacle requires medical healthcare, call a physician who specializes in your problem area promptly. 

If you are dealing with back and/or neck pain, it would behoove you to call Dr. Randy Laurich at The Wellness Experience.  We offer chiropractic services combining traditional methods of spinal adjustment with hi-tech equipment such as the ProAdjuster. We also offer acupuncture, therapeutic massages, nutrition and fitness counseling plus more.

We help you manage your health via spinal manipulation so nerves are signaling your body painlessly. We offer solutions to help you to improve your quality of life and increase your performance. Our team offers many complimentary services to help you look and feel great. We take the time to educate you regarding your current ailments, what needs to be done to correct/heal it and how to maintain optimal health throughout the future.

In conclusion, obstacles are how we learn, grow and make ourselves stronger.

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